Digital Genotype…Continues

Why this digital dependence arises ? Have you asked yourself…your brain is manipulated by companies to make you stay on their platform. They use methods from the world of casinos. With every small gain, dopamine a chemical messenger is released and if it can be raised you don’t stop playing until they make you turn a pauper. Taking advantage of these mechanisms, companies sends notifications, includes “Autoplay” which seduces us to look what next…they make you suffer from ‘phantom vibration syndrome’ you are always alert that your device is vibrating/ ringing when it is not! Do you understand the consequences of these mechanisms… it’s devastating.

Is it not staggering to watch children growing up in a society which is all about collecting how many ‘ Likes’ as possible, sharing every experience of social media whatever may be the cost. It is not far reality when a child suffering from depression will be induced to buy cosmetics online. The new strategy of increasing the intensity of blue light emitted by LED screens of your smartphone is to ensure that you are awake even at night and is very much active on their online platform. When the sun goes down and it is dark, your small pineal body is turned on and it starts producing ‘ Melatonin’ which is released into the blood. Steep rise in melatonin makes you feel sleepy and less alert. So if we can replace darkness with high intensity light you are awake and problem is solved for them. What you get… a permanent disorder like insomnia to that extent that in near future you will always have problem with your sleep even if you are not using your phone before bed. Phenomenal marketing strategy at the costs of health. Are we so ignorant?

Now with evolution of Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms it is possible to determine what we are interested in and what kind of state we are in now. It means someone else can read our situations and feelings and specific advertising messages which will be highly lucrative and we stay in their platform. It’s not late where in companies will derive brain patterns in which a person sufferings from epilepsy will buy cookware. This goes beyond advertising and marketing ethics we’re in human brain are manipulated for a specific behaviour.

So we understand now…time has come for us to move towards detox camp. Do we understand what digital detox camp do? It’s an effort to reduce stress/ anxiety by keeping distance from digital devices such as smartphones and computers for certain period of time, focusing on real world communication and remain connected with nature.When you are connected with nature you activate natural vitality . This in turn keeps your blood pressure,heart rate normal. Stress hormones like cortisol also show better value in such an environment.

There is no doubt that digital platform/ internet has transformed and degenerated human intelligence. We send E-Mail without spending time thinking about sentence and paragraph structure,which causes neural circuits that support intellectual function and activity weakens and begins to collapse.

We don’t pay attention towards our behaviour like people who frequently upload photos and texts to their social networks and are hoping to get immediate feedback are in the loop of a feedback loop. It removes the ability to comment on complex issues and as a result, makes people unhappy. Further more as Artificial Intelligence substitutes for human work and makes more decisions, it is becoming more likely that we human will become even more mechanical that repeat routines. It is rightly said that time is coming when people need to make a deliberate effort to remain human.